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For many companies, the real value of a product or invention comes from its ability to generate revenue by licensing usage to broader audiences. A well-constructed licensing program can become a steady source of profit for a company and help it grow its business while at the same time keeping it out of costly litigation.

At KPPB, we understand that licensing is more than simply documenting an agreement, it is about building relationships. Too often attorneys inject themselves into negotiations under the guise of protecting their client’s interests rather than sitting back and trying to understand both parties’ objectives and concerns. Our philosophy is: understand the deal, seek clarification where necessary and work to make it happen.

KPPB has extensive experience in licensing all forms of intellectual property and is recognized for its specialized expertise in developing trademark and patent portfolios in support of broad-based global licensing and certification programs. In addition, KPPB has extensive experience with developing Terms of Use and Privacy Policies for web applications and social media sites. We understand the nuances of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and its safe harbor provisions, and have extensive experience in developing software licenses for proprietary and open source software.

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