Employing a variety of tactics and strategies in trademark litigation, KPPB aims to protect a client’s core identity: its brand. We police and enforce trademark rights for a wide range of clients – from multimillion dollar public companies, to nonprofits.

KPPB enforces our clients' trademarks and trade dress, whether stopping others from trying to trade on the good will established in their branding or packaging, blocking the importation and sale of counterfeit goods, or stopping competing businesses from using confusingly similar business names or even domain names.

Our trademark and trade dress litigation skills fit hand-in-hand with our expertise in managing trademark portfolios: we assist our clients in procuring worldwide protection for their brand, then protect their branding investment by enforcing the rights they have established, whether those rights were perfected through common law, state law or federal law. And just as developing a brand strategy includes budgeting to procure the trademark rights, our litigation strategy provides our clients with a clear budget for each step of the litigation.

Our experience in a variety of courts, as well as before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, allows us to better counsel our clients, and also provide a variety of enforcement options, from state and federal litigation, to opposition or cancellation proceedings.

No matter the venue, we provide a budget that details the cost of moving forward at each step: filing a complaint, taking discovery, compiling survey evidence, obtaining summary judgment and going to trial. Our clients can then concentrate on protecting the integrity of their brand, instead of worrying about the cost of enforcing their rights.

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