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KPPB provides a holistic approach to the management of clients' trademarks and other intellectual property. We design a long-term plan where – concurrent with the R+D phase of product development – we help shape acceptable trademarks, identify potential challenges to successfully obtaining registration, counsel on how to maximize protection and advise on third-party searches, so that filing and product launch is relatively seamless.

The three-tiered trademark system in the U.S. – of common law, state law and federal rights – plus the variety of complex international laws, make trademark searches and filings especially complicated. In obtaining federal trademark and international registrations for clients, KPPB develops an effective application plan so that clients’ marks are protected now and in the future. We provide insight on what should – and should not – be filed, whether to file based on actual use or an intent to use, when to integrate various applications into a family of marks and what actions best serve the client's entire brand strategy.

In addition, we make sure that our clients claim all of their rights. By understanding the intricacies of our client’s businesses, we can draft appropriate goods descriptions, and provide advice concerning branding strategies and additional registrations that can significantly increase the distinctiveness of the underlying marks.

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